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Was roof cleaning a part of your spring cleaning routine?

Namely, moss, dirt, algae, and other debris easily accumulates on your roof, no matter where you leave and in what kind of weather conditions. These tend to give homeowners tonnes of headache – what seems like nothing but dirt today may turn into a catastrophic mess tomorrow.

Renew Roof Restoration is a leading provider of roof cleaning and roof tile cleaning services. What sets us apart is the diversity of our services, vast knowledge, and unmatched skills which allow us to provide roof cleaning and maintenance for both metal and tiled roofs. We use state of the art equipment to deliver roof cleaning solutions, using pressure cleaning and soft washing methods.

Employee cleaning roof

Not all roofs are the same and it takes the experience that we can offer to decide the best cleaning method needed. We have years of experience working in the industry, coping with a range of challenges, which is why we know precisely what your roof needs in order to look as good as new. If your roof is covered in lichen, mould and other pollutants do what thousands of other satisfied customers have done and call us today for a no obligation free quote today.

What are the benefits of roof cleaning?

You don’t think that your roof needs cleaning? Though it may seem that the winter was not as harsh and that not much debris has accumulated, it is imperative to invest in roof cleaning and maintenance at least on an annual basis. Especially if the part of your roof is in the shade, this part is likely to be covered in moss or algae that prefer darker and damper climates. If these issues are not treated on time, dirt and mildew may spread, along with moisture, and gradually but surely damage your roof tiles. Gradually, the minor cracks and dents will grow and wreak havoc on your roof.

To ensure you and your loved ones live under a quality roof in the safest possible environment, schedule regular roof cleaning and roof tile cleaning. Here’s what you get with Renew Roof Restorations roof cleaning in Central Coast:

  • The chance to remove years of lichen, mould and other pollutants.

  • The chance to renew your roof and make it look great again.

  • The chance to get rid of unhealthy mould from your roof.

  • The chance to prevent irreversible damage to your roof.

If you don’t address these issues in advance, it is possible to cause such great damage to the roof that you will have to invest in a complete change of roof and tiles. Evidently, setting aside the time and budget for roof cleaning and maintenance today means greater savings in the future.

Cleaning methods

Have you tried to clean the roof on your own but were unsuccessful? Don’t stress, because you can easily get in touch with professional roof cleaning in Central Coast, NSW and have expert roofers deal with even severely advanced mould, algae, moisture, and dirt. Since we first established Renew Roof Restorations, we never stopped working on advancing our skills and knowledge. Today, there is no job too big or small for our team, and we know exactly how to approach each challenge we are presented with.

To ensure the final result is a clean roof that provides safe and healthy living conditions for you and your loved ones, we resort to two types of cleaning methods:

  • Pressure Cleaning which is ideal for when there is a huge buildup of moss, leaves, and dirt. We utilise the most advanced pressure washers that enable us to provide meticulous roof cleaning services. We know how to adjust the pressure so that it removes the unwanted debris without causing any damage to your roof.

  • Soft Washing is a method we resort to when we deal with extremely stubborn algae and lichen. It entails the use of low pressure and should only be conducted by seasoned professionals like Renew Roof Restorations since it takes the experience to adjust the pressure so that it does not tear up your roof tiles.

Which of the two methods is better for your roof depends on the amount of mould, algae, lichen, and dirt that accumulated since the last roof tile cleaning. Feel free to contact us for more information – we provide free, no obligation quote so that you can get a professional assessment of the work that needs to be done, along with a price estimate. With us, you know exactly how big of a project awaits you and how much of your budget you will have to set aside.

No hidden fees – no surprises!  

House with new roof and trees all around

Reasons to clean your roof with Renew Roof Restorations

Renew Roof Restorations team is widely praised for the quality of their work, materials, and equipment that we use. Still, we offer a warranty on all the work that we do around your home. That way, should anything happen after we leave, you can give us a call and have the issue fixed immediately – free of charge!

  • All work is satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Experienced roofers carrying out the work.

  • Strict attention to detail.

  • All staff wear harnesses while on your roof.

This is how we managed to grow from a small, local roof tile cleaning business to the most reputable provider of roof cleaning in Central Coast. Renew Roof Restorations team understands the troubles that a badly-maintained roof can make and want to help you prevent them from occurring.

With us, you get professional roof cleaning services at a fair price. However, this doesn’t mean that our work is of lower quality. In fact, we conduct every project, big and small, with complete attention to details so that we don’t miss the spot. If the roof cleaning is done half right, that means that there is still room for the damp patches to create and damage your roof, often irreversible.

Renew Roof Restorations is a family-owned business that wants to create a safe and healthy living environment for your family!  

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