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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean a roof?
Depending on the size of the roof and type most roofs can be cleaned in one day. We have cleaned some very large roofs that have taken up to 3 days.
Do you use chemicals when cleaning roofs?
To kill Lichen and mould we do treat the roof with chemicals. However during the process the amount of water we use dilutes the chemical so it is safe. If water tanks are connected we can disconnect them first.
Do you wear harnesses when working on the roof?
Yes. Always
Do you give a fixed price on roof restoration jobs?
Yes. We will always do an inspection prior to the job and quote you accurately on what needs to be done.
How long does a roof restoration job take?
Most jobs can be done in just two days.
I have had gutter guard installed in the past and it doesn’t seem to work. I have weeds growing through the gutter guard and it’s hard to clean. How can we prevent this?
When installing gutter guard/mesh it’s important to choose the right product. The mesh we install will either have a 4mm or a 2mm aperture. In areas with lots of trees that drop small seeds we recommend mesh with an aperture of 2mm.
Do you offer warranties on your products/services?
Yes we our mesh and roof paint both come with manufacturers warranties. We also offer a workmanship warranty.
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